Semester Break


Semester break! The first thing to do is to celebrate! 🙂 We met up in the city and decided to go eat eat and eat! Really wished that Anna could have made it, hopefully next time at the end of the year when we celebrate semester break she’ll be there!

So nearby in the CBD, there is this place called “Druid’s Cafe” and that’s the spot we decided to meet up for lunch. It’s so underrated on Urbanspoon which is such a shame because from our experience on that day, it was great. Maybe it’s a hit and miss place? Or maybe it’s dependent on what you order!

For us girlies, the service was nice, food was delicious and company obviously great 😉 Downfalls? Maybe that the food wasn’t super filling if you’re a big eater, and that the waiters weren’t constantly roaming around which would make it hard if you needed to ask to get something – BUT if you’re pretty chill and low maintenance, this is a perfect chill out spot. It’s spacious and got heaps of seats and tables around.  There’s a huge menu as well so there’s lots of variety!

Here are some pics:


Julia’s Druid’s ‘The Lot’ version of a burger. Yum… all that fatty goodness 😛


My foccacia! So tasty. I got the ‘Druid’s Foccacia’ Judging from it’s name I figured it was probably one of their specialties. Plus my indecisiveness kicked in and all the ingredients written on the board I liked so I gave it a go! I wasn’t disappointed at all, only wanted more.


Christine and I were STARVING on that day though, so we ordered a salmon sandwich and they halved it for us 🙂


The decor!

We then headed off and went for dessert at harajuku crepes!




Julia and I opted for drinks though. I got my cha time 😉 She with the boost hahaha.

After that we hung out and had some meaningful conversations. I’m feeling super blessed that I’ve met and have friends like these! It was a super fun day. Can’t wait for the next! And as you can see from the first first picture, we got a lot of candid shots thanks to Chris 😉 hehe.


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