Back To School

I am still in holiday mode.

It didn’t hit me that uni would be starting up again until two days before! Today is the third day back and I’m already drained. I squished all my subjects into Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday so I could have Thursdays and Fridays off (I work every second Friday though, boo), but now I’m starting to regret it a little. They are literally 10 hour days! I’m trying not to complain too much though, because one of my subjects is an online course and one less face-to-face subject is good enough for me! Working from home in my PJ’s, in close proximity to a kitchen…heaven, basically.

All of us are currently in second year studying a Communications course, and this is the beginning of the second semester. At the moment I’m learning to take more responsibility for my own learning and while it’s tough, it’s rewarding in the end. How does uni do that? How does it make you feel like you want to do better? Five points for you, Education.

So far I’ve been late to two lectures and one class…so I’ve really got to work on that. It’s just the initial waking up that is hard. Getting ready and walking to the tram stop is all good. The problem is that I sleep too late. I’m a night person – whenever I’m inspired to do something, it’s always after ten o’clock. I should probably get back to doing some work before I fall behind. Aiming for HDs all around this semester!

P.S. Thanks to Tiff for an amazing post about my birthday! Such a wonderful surprise :’)


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