Advertising Is Awesome

A huge hello from me to the Internet world of blogging!!! It’s now time to officially start writing blogs. Ok to be honest and as all of you who are reading can tell, I have never written a blog before and I really don’t know what to write about.


But I’m going to try anyways, so here I go….


I’m currently a second year advertising student and wow guys, I have to say it’s a lot of work!!! SUPER STRESSED OUT but surprisingly it’s been fun.


Advertising is quite an interesting subject with so many job opportunities. When people ask me why I chose advertising my response is always the same, “I don’t know, I just did”. I’m going to sound philosophical, even though I don’t believe in fate. Maybe, just maybe, I was meant to be doing advertising. I had this feeling while I was in first year, which pointed me in this direction.


It’s true that advertising is everywhere and it wasn’t till I started studying it that I truly understood it. It’s crazy how much advertising surrounds us out there, on the streets and in the movies. Advertisements are following us! I know that I sound cynical but it’s true to an extent. Advertisers, media planners, strategists and creatives all work together to try and reach specific target audiences. In order to do so, they conduct extensive amounts of research to try and get into the minds of its consumers. They try to understand the way they think, behave, act and react to certain things. Cool right?


I work in the hospitality industry on the side and thanks to advertising, I try to watch the way people act. It’s a good way of being exposed to a wide range of different demographics. It’s also interesting seeing the way clients react when I tell them I study advertising. Responses are all similar. The one I hear most is “… ohhh, now I can’t trust you”. I always just laugh it off, that’s just the person I am. But I really don’t get why people don’t trust advertisers. Yes, I do admit that some advertisements can be manipulative but we are only doing our jobs as marketers. It’s not always about the money as well. I’m sure everyone’s seen the TAC ads, which has dramatically reduced the amount of death tolls on the roads of Victoria. They are really in your face and get the message across easily and effectively. Good stuff.


I think it would be amazing to work in an advertising agency or on a marketing team. I’m both excited and dreading it since I know its going to be hard to get into. Only the best of the best gets in. It’s time to work my butt off. Internships, here I come!


So… I don’t know how to conclude blogs. Bye?


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