The Pain of Having Small Feet

It’s time again for another blog! I’m trying to write and post a blog every week. I have to start making myself have a strong online presence.

Well what I want to write about today is the pain of having freakishly small feet!

Everyone else who has small feet understand my frustration with buying new shoes!!!! When I say I have freakishly small feet, I mean small. I can fit a size 5 but it’s still very loose on me. I’m probably a size 4 1/2. Today I walked into the shoe shop and asked the sales assistant if they had a size 5 shoe that I need for work and their response was “oh wow, we don’t have that shoe in such a small size”. I thought size 5 was an average foot size. Great…

I don’t think I have ever wore a pair of shoes that has ever fit me perfectly. I think I am going to have to start buying shoes online


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