Yay, clothes!

My friends and I often enjoy indulging in a little bit of retail therapy. And by a little, I mean a lot. Like, A LOT. We also often discuss our favourite fashion YouTubers (which is where most of my inspiration comes from). I wouldn’t say that I have an extensive knowledge for fashion. Nor would I say I have a particular eye for clothing and such. BUT I do have high admiration for those who do.

So anyway, this friend of mine invited me to an event at Chadstone which would be a runway show for Spring/Summer fashion. I had given a sliver of interest but not a definite yes, as such. I was at a family gathering at the time my friends were buying tickets, so I wasn’t replying to Facebook messages, which resulted in them buying me tickets anyway. (I love you guys. Peer pressure at all)

At first, I was extremely apprehensive, though I do use the word ‘extreme’ very lightly. I just started to imagine how many people there would be judging what I was wearing because AS IF I EVEN OWN ANYTHING THAT WOULD BE UP TO PAR. But oh well, I’m gonna get a gift bag worth $600. I think that’s enough incentive to be humiliated by scary fashion critics who would judge me quietly but blatantly with their eyes.

I’ll let you know how it goes.


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